Sunday, June 9, 2013

Why I don't do Online job listings.

Recently, I tried to join a site for comics artists to share profiles and seek jobs. My profile was deleted the same day. Apparently, they wrote me off as a spammer automatically, because of my e-mail address.
This really gets on my nerves. I'm barely posting content of my own, much less spamming anyone else. I'm a novice illustrator, just trying to get into comics, and a loss like that is a minor setback when you're looking for work. But I can't let that determine my week. I need to get some work up and going. I'm posting here the first page of a  comic I did called "a Labyrinth Without Walls." It ran late last year in an indie 'zine called Scattergun in Marquette, Michigan. It's a little rough, but still my first published comic:

Here it is:

I'll try to have the rest of the comic up in the next post.  -John, June 2013

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